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Tending the Garden

For the last several weeks I’ve been thinking of gardening. As a lifetime plant lover with a very green thumb, gardening has always nourished my soul. Digging in the dirt, preparing the soil, making certain the valuable seeds have a fertile place to grow and develop – it is all a very grounding ritual for me.

Our ancestors, for thousands and thousands of years, survived through their connection to the earth, practicing a plethora of rituals. Quite to the contrary, in today’s world, where so many of us live in industrialized, urban societies, we are disconnected from nature, using any spare time we have (which for many is little) surrounded by gadgets and wanting to be entertained. gardening

I like to look at marketing efforts like gardening…all good gardeners know you have to tend the garden. You won’t grow a good harvest if you neglect your garden, till and prepare the soil, do the watering and weeding on a regular basis – and feed it…nourish it with the nutrients it needs. Far too often I see people who try the “spaghetti method” …throw some kinds marketing up on the wall and see what sticks! Then, after 2 or 3 months when “it doesn’t work,” they give up on marketing altogether.

What marketing efforts have you started and then left to “go to weed?’ Remember, the great thing about gardening (and marketing) is that you can always start again!



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