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On occasion, we see the replies therapists sent to the inquiries they receive through Find-a-Therapist.com.  It is interesting to see how different therapists respond and offers a significant clue as to why some therapists are not finding success in getting clients to call them and schedule appointments.



Frankly, it is shocking to see how some therapists respond. “No” is an answer we’ve seen to ” do you offer evening hours?” “Read my website,” and “call my office for answers,” are a few others. Its difficult for me to believe that a therapist would be that rude and uncaring over the phone if a client were calling, and it is no less rude when done in an email response.

Email contacts from clients are a fantastic way to market your practice. It takes only a few extra seconds to write a thoughtful, considerate email response and it could be worth hundreds of dollars to you if that person does become a client. We all know that many clients never come in to the office after the first call. For some it takes several contacts or several weeks for them to gather the courage to come in. An uncaring response can guarantee that you will not see that client in your office anytime “down the road.”

What has been your experience with emails from potential clients?

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